Vine and Wine


The wine-growing refers to studying, producing and testing the grapes and it deals with every aspect regarding the cultivation of grape. The wine producer timetable (calendar) is contained of learning the types of grapes that are cultivated and are transported to the vineries, pruning of the grapevines in the winter time, plugging the soil in order to create the more arable basis for the grapevines and finally, blooming and pruning of them in order to have grapes next summer. Do not confuse the wine-growers with the vintners (wine-producers), they are not the same; the first do not produce vine, they are in charge of cultivating, observing and learning the process of growing the grapevines.


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The grapevine plantations in Tikvesh Region are situated on the area of 11000 hectares (out of which 8000 is in the area of the Municipality of Kavadarci and the other 3000 belong to the Municipality of Negotino). The most common sorts of grapes are so-called “smederevka” and “cratoshija vranec”, while the dessert and table vines, such as “cardinal”, “hamburg”, “afus ali” and “ribier” and others are less cultivated less.



As a result of the huge grapevine plantations, Tikvesh Region abounds with numerous vineries which proceed the grapes into vine and spirits and places on the foreign markets. The biggest vineries are “Tikvesh” from Kavadarci (also considered to be the biggest one in Macedonia) and “Povardarie” from Negotino, but lately many other vineries were opened, for illustration: “Popova Kula”, “Chekorovi”, “Kitvin”, “Bovin” and others.